Lighting System Considerations and Maintenance

Lighting systems can be one of the best investments for your home, sounds crazy right?  But seriously, what burglar tries to break into a home that is lit up at night?  Other than security, lighting systems provide for safe entry and exiting of your home.  They accent key landscape features and allow you to enjoy your homes architecture and  landscape year round, especially in the winter months.  After 20 years in this industry, one thing is clear, homes with a professionally installed lighting system are the envy of their neighbor hood at night.

Here is a little test you can do to illustrate my point.  Drive through your neighborhood at night, I guarantee only a handful of your lighting webneighbors have a professionally installed system.  Estimate how nice there house is at night lit up and then give them the same test during the day.  Average homes with proper lighting systems look like the highest end home in your neighborhood at night.  The higher end houses with bad lighting end up looking average at night.

What most people have is carriage lights or post lights that were installed by the home builder.  The problem with this type of lighting is that it is not focused, not consistent and does a better job at light pollution than exterior lighting.  Imagine walking into a room with no lampshades, just exposed bulbs.  Is that a pleasant room to be in?  The answer is no, so why is it acceptable to put 75 watts right in your face outside the house?

Many folks have invested the money in outdoor lighting system and lighting tech discovered quickly that there installer was not quite qualified.  It is pretty easy to figure out if there is a problem, simply the lights keep going out!  Sometime it is a single fixture, other times it can be zones.  The good news is that all of this can be easily remedied by a certified low voltage lighting technician.

A service call for lighting system maintenance can cost around $150.00.  Within an hour or so the technician will go through the following:

  1. Check voltage drops for all lighting zones.
  2. Inspect all fixtures and connections, replace bulbs with proper wattages for a consistent look,  Re-aim fixtures for optimal effect.
  3. Inspect transformer and photo cell functionality.
  4. Clean light lenses and clean off debris in Well lights.
  5. Make recommendations for fixture replacement, wiring adjustments, and bulb wattage adjustment.

In an hour or so, the technician will have you up and running, he will give you his suggestions and can offer energy saving solutions as well.  A lighting system maintenance service call is a smart decision that will help to keep your home safe, secure and looking beautiful all year long. For more information about Terry’s company or to schedule a consultation, go to

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